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Private William Smith Body

Private William Smith of the Royal Navy

Private William Smith was a new recruit of the Royal Navy. He was assigned to Commander John Simmons to go to Isla Inferno. He had a dream to be in the Royal Navy and to go on the High Seas and go around the world. His dream came true when he joined the Navy and bought his first ship, a frigate. He was captain of a ship and crew of about 5 people. Then his dream about sailing around would be put on hold. He was assigned to Commander John Simmons and to go to Isla Inferno. The island was very intersting and huge but then they built Fort Ashlock which ruined the mountain's beautiful natural appearance. Still he had to keep his thoughts to himself but then the First Civil War broke out on the island. He was on the front lines during the fighting then after the war he left the island on another assignment in Singapore. He can sometimes be seen on Padres del Fuego. There is also a NPC version of him inside Fort Charles by the gyspy inside the tents writing notes.


  • HMS Yearning - War Frigate
  • HMS England - War Galleon

Other Info

Isla Inferno Template Fan GM William Smith appeared in the book, Isla Inferno Histories: The First Civil War!


  • Great Hawk Sabre
  • Grand Pistol


Weapon Level Award
Sword 30 mastered
Sword Fan GM William Smith has mastered Sword!
Shooting 30 mastered
Gun Fan GM William Smith has mastered Gun!
Cannon 30 mastered
Cannonmaster Fan GM William Smith is a master of the Cannon!
Sailing 30 mastered
CompassSM Fan GM William Smith is a master at Sailing!
Reputation 34
LevelTemplate34 Fan GM William Smith has reached Notoriety level 34!


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