Fear Reapers

Fear Reapers

Fear Reapers are a different type of the Undead Reapers. They only appear as stormy clouds but when attacked they turn into these Reapers. They use the person's fear to distract them, then they send pirates to jail. They only appear on Isla Inferno's Graveyard at night though. They have been seen as levels 36-48. They don't have a happy mood, they are super aggressive. If you go past them they will follow you and attack you.


They give the random routine on loot. They could drop loot pouches, loot chest and loot skull chests. They are like the other enemies.


There is only one Fear Reaper boss and that's Fear. He lives in the Cave of Insanity.

Other Info

328px-Grim reaper-1--1- (43x55) Fear Reaper is an Undead Reaper
Isla Inferno Template Fear Reaper is a/an/the enemy on Isla Inferno!
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