The Fighting Executioner is a Type 3 Class War Frigate built by the British Royal Navy, and active service as a pirate ship captained by Matthew Sternrage. The Ship is somewhere around the link of 300 feet from Bowsprit to Aftmast. The Executioner is currently the only known ship Sternrage sailed. Read the Story on how Sternrage got his prized possesion. Currently, the Executioner is used as a memory of Matthew Sternrage after he was killed .

Fighting Executioner


Spartans Savvy Jrs

Ship Type

War Frigate

# of Sails



Matthew Sternrage


Memorial in Tortuga Harbor

Biggest Battle

Executioner vs. Blackbeard


Sail ramming speed Fighting Executioner is a War Frigate!!


  • The Executioner is now a memorial in Tortuga harbor.
  • The ship was not repaired after the fight as it lost her captain.

Privateering for the French

The Fighting Executioner usually took on the role of a Privateering Warship for the French Navy. The Ship usually helped out but was usually used as a trap ship by bringing Spanish ships to the Strongest ship of the French Navy.

Screenshot 2010-08-19 19-12-48

Fighting Executioner during its prime

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