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The Fighting Executioner is the mighty warship of Matthew Sternrage. It is currently under the colors of the Spartans Savvy Jrs.

Fighting Executioner

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War Frigate

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Matthew Sternrage


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Fighting Executioner

Originally, the Fighting Executioner was called the Golden King and use to sail as a Royal Navy Dreadnought. The Fighting Executioner is currently docked in Tortuga Harbour awaiting renovations for more firepower.

How the Executioner Came to Be

Kingshead Docks; A Warship is being constructed for the power of the British Royal Navy, and the warship was christened the Golden King. On the maiden voyagfe, the King was branded the title of Dreadnought Flagship, and word soon got out to Tortuga of this floating fortress. Matthew Sternrage had a plot to overtake the ship and capture it. When his friends and crew agreed to help take the King, a Navy Spy posing as a pirate returned to Kingshead and told them about the plot. The Next day at dawn, it was a misty morning, and the pirate fleet lead by Matthew Sternrage prepares to sneak up on the Golden King. They get sight of the Navy Warship going westbound while the fleet is waiting a nautical mile to the starboard side of the ship. Sternrage gives the call to move out, but before they can start moving, they hear the sounds are cannonballs speeding towards the fleet. A British flanking fleet plans on holding the pirates in place. They succeeed on holding the ships in place but earlier, four ships of Sternrage's fleet went ahead of the others and are now trailing behind the Golden King. All four ships rammed the King's stern, sending the cannons and weapons supply flying over the edge of the King. She is rendered without weapons. Sternrage gave them the order to give No Quarter. Everyone on the pirate warships killed everyone on the King, and took control of her. Back by the stalled pirate ships, half of the ships are ablaze, when the Golden King with cannons from the four pirate ships earlier attacks the Navy ships. Sternrage gives the order to Open Fire on the flank warships. They succeed on sinking the Navy ships and take the King over. Matthew Sternrage later strips the ship down and restructure the ship with new sidings, sails, and accurate cannons, and rechristened her the Fighting Executioner.

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