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Fighting Executioner

The S/V (Sailing Vessel) Fighting Executioner (Commonly referred to as the Executioner) is a Type 3 (War Class) Frigate that is owned by the Guild Spartans Savvy Jrs and Matthew Sternrage . It is the only ship under posession of Sternrage's. The ship participated in stopping the Navy and EITC from finding the Lost Weapons, in which, the Executioner was severely damaged to where it had to go out of service for a while. It made an attempt to destroy the Queen Anne's Revenge, where the Executioner lost due to severe damage that she limped to Tortuga Harbor. She is equipped with 12 Broadsides on Port and Starboard, 5 Deck Guns for both sides, and 4 Bow Cannons. From Bowsprit to Helm Deck, the Executioner is measured to be 300ft long and 20ft wide. The ship returned to service alongside the Gunwale Mercenary but did not do a voyage to sink vessels but only did a voyage from Tortuga to Cutthroat Isle to see the new Spanish Undead Boss. Whenever the chance, Matthew will sail the Executioner to sink the Revenge in revenge of the battle. "The Executioner may be ready to battle, but her accuracy was reduced since the first encounter by Florida." ~Matthew Sternrage
Fighting Executioner


Spartans Savvy Jrs

Ship Class

War Frigate

Top Speed

20 Knots


Matthew Sternrage




Dreadnought, Golden King



  • The Fighting Executioner was originally a Navy War Frigate named Golden King.
  • The Ship was named when Sternrage favored Fighting EITC Executioners, hence the name Fighting Executioner.
  • The Executioner was severely damaged in both the Expedition Fleets and QAR Attacks.
  • The Executioner went missing as of the morning of May 19th. She later returned with the Mercenary and Matthew.
  • The Executioner is one of two ships Matthew liberated from the Navy, the other being the Wicked Wrath I .

French Privateering

Though the Fighting Executioner is prefered to not participate in Privateering, she aids the French in the war against the Spanish after she was restored with help from the French after the Olympian War. The ship was given the rank of 4 in SVS infamy. At a few points in time, she was captured by Spanish and forced to privateer for them, but has since was able to resist Spanish control.

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