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This was the ship of Lord Lawrence Dagger, not to be confused with The Fighting Fox, the ship owned by Ned Edgewalker.

Screenshot 2012-01-07 14-13-31

Captain Lord Lawrence Dagger

The Fighting FoxEdit

The Fighting Fox Is The Ship Of The Notorious Pirate Lord Lawrence Dagger.


  • Type: War Frigate
  • Hp:12600
  • Speed:12000
  • Right Broadside:10
  • Left Broadside:10
  • Max Cargo Hold:16
    Screenshot 2012-01-07 14-07-41

    The Fighting Fox

Crew Of The Fighting FoxEdit

Former Crew Member's Of The Fighting FoxEdit

  • Hector ~ Former Crewmate


  • The Battle Between The Fighting Fox & HMS Pandora
  • The 1st French War
  • The Mandalorian War's II
  • Battle Of The Brave


  • Pirates Of The Caribbean:At Worlds End
  • Pirates Of The Caribbean Online


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