Mortis equipping voodoo paint

Fils de Mortis, or just Mortis as some locals know him, is a voodoo priest who helps Thomas Esquire III in Into The Lion's Den, making his debut.


Mortis was not always a voodoo priest. He was once a young lad named Ora, living in what is now the Ivory Coast, Africa. His father was a hard working laborer, and his mother was very caring.

One day, his tribe spotted ships on the horizon. They soon found out they were French slave ships. The village soon found themselves in a battle with the French. In the battle, Ora grabbed a village elder's staff, and prayed to any higher entity for help. He swung his staff towards the enemy, and a mighty burst of fire shot from the end, engulfing one of the slave ships. Ora tried it again, but the blast was so powerful, it destroyed the village, and everyone in it.

Ora was captured by the men that were still on the sea. His staff was removed, and he was chained like a dog. After months of listening to his French captors, he devised a new name for himself: Fils de Mortis. Son of Death.

When Mortis was brought to the Caribbean, he only stayed in French captivity for two days, on the isle called Cuba. There, he stayed in the jail.

On his second night, he heard a noise outside. He climbed to the top of the bars used to let light in. There, he say a mighty sight. Pirates battling his captors! Once the pirates killed them, they ran to the cells, and freed everyone. The captain, Blake Forge, told him to go into the swamps and find the voodoo mystic, Tia Dalma.

When Mortis found her, she accepted him as an apprentice at once. Through many years, he finally became a master of voodoo. After he became a master, they went their separate ways, and he took up home at Isla Cangrejos.

He lived many years on Isla Cangrejos, and even allowed the french privateer Pierre le Porc to begin bodies in designated graveyards on the island. Mortis used these to his advantage, and was able to use the lost art of animation.

Unfortunately, Jolly Roger sensed Mortis' animations, and took the island for himself. Mortis was forced to flee into the jungles of Tortuga, where he took up residence in an old shack. He still lives there today, helping pirates in any way he can to destroy Jolly Roger.


  • Fils de Mortis appears in Into The Lion's Den as a voodoo priest who forces Thomas Esquire III into going on the adventure to claim the Treasure of Atrox aboard the Starlight.
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