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#17 Ships of the Line
#17 Ships of the Line
#SS Shadow
#SS Shadow
[[Category:POTCO Vessels]]
[[Category:Fan Creations]]
[[Category:Fan Creations]]

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Fleet Shadow is owned and captained by King Shadow Sail. This fleet is VERY powerful and used for many things such as:

  • Fighting
  • Transport
  • Tours

The fleet is made up of these ships, they are in order, the order they would sail in:

First Set

  1. SS Shadow II (Legendary Ship)
  2. Shadow Falcon (Ship of the Line)
  3. Shadow Sail (Ship of the Line)
  4. Black Shadow (Ship of the Line)
  5. Dark Shadow (Ship of the Line)
  6. Shadow Chariot (War Frigate)
  7. Silver Shadow (War Frigate)
  8. Sea Shadow (War Frigate)
  9. Shadow King (War Frigate)
  10. Shadow Soul (Ship of the Line)
  11. Shadow X (Ship of the Line)

Second Set

  1. Dark Tint (Legendary Ship)
  2. 8 Ships of the Line
  3. 7 War Frigates
  4. 7 Ships of the Line
  5. Lightning Tint (Legendary Ship)

Third Set

  1. 17 Ships of the Line
  2. 30 War Frigates
  3. 30 War Galleons
  4. 30 War Sloops
  5. 17 Ships of the Line
  6. SS Shadow
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