Ethnic group: African

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Red

Height: 13'9

Family: Jumbo Bobs older brother
600px-Mark Henry as WHC

Titles: Worlds strongest man

Bounty: 9,000 gold

Ships: Harkaway

Flower story

Flower was once a small,weak,and skinny boy who always got beat up and picked on by other pirates. One of the people who picked on him was younger brother Jumbo Bob. Everyone made fun of his stupid name and that his younger brother was stronger than him and that made Flower very mad. One day a man went up to him and asked him if he could test an experiment on Flower. The mans name was Dr.Grog. The doctor gave then boy a shot and the boy began to grow and grow. His muscles became huge. The boy began to feel hate and a sense of revenge. After blasting down a door he went into the Graveyard to go think. A man named Captain Rott approached him and offered the man a great power. Flower agreed to the offer to not only have the power but to have revenge on his younger brother Jumbo Bob

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