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The Followers of Armageddon, or also known as "The Followers", is a non-profit organization to clean up the world of POTCO. They do not have an official leader, but they do have a guides of each area, who watch over restoration. In the Caribbean, there are several members.


The Followers of Armageddon were at one time a vicious group of Germanic raiders. They were taken over by the Romans. Slowly, they developed into a good-natured society. Over the years, they established bases in England, Africa, the Near East, the Caribbean, Asia, and many more places!

Their most infamous member was a recent member named Julius Viliano, or Caesar. He was trained by the followers, who in turn accidentally turned him into the moster that created Caesar's Legion.

Today, there are restorers all over the world.


King John Breasly II of England—Guide of England

Simon Treasurehawk—Guide of Spain

Edgar Wildrat—Guide of France

Robert Shipstealer and Robert Macmonger—Guide of Persia/Iran

Captain Jim Logan—Guide of the New World Colonies

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