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Fort collin's started in 1768 by founder Sir collin's. He decided to join the Spanish so he could get troops and suply. When the fort was finally done in 1770 it was a sight. 2 years later the french wanted to breach the castillo de san marcos, but Fort Collin's prevented that and gave them a fight! at night when the french went to sleep the spanish would grab the cannon balls that had been fired and replaced it will coquina so it was good as new!

Pictures of the FortEdit


Spanish Cadet~ level 12

Spanish Cannoneer~ level 20

Spanish Recon soldier~ level 40

Spanish Rifleman~ level 50

Spanish Sharpshooter~ level 52

Boss: Pounce De Leon~ level 60


Fort Collin's was the fort that blocked one area of ambush for the Castillo De San Marcos. For the citizins they set up a town and Markets.

Fish marketEdit

Spotted Sea Trout ~ 4 gold

Cobia ~ 2 gold

Spanish Mackerel ~ 6 gold

Tuna ~ 3 gold

Brim ~ 2 gold

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