Fort Fredrick

Fort Fredrick The Fort is an impenetrable Fortress Located on Port Tariff. The Fort is Heavily Guarded by Navy Soldiers. The Fort Commander is General William Howe. Security of the Fort includes Members of The Royal Navy Guild. It is the base of The Elites of England and Lord Matthew Blastshot. Surrounding the Fort is a series of gates and guards. On the waterfront is a strong Navy fleet Led by Horatio Nelson. The Fort is currently under construction and is heavily guarded. Any attack would be suicide.


The Men that defend this Fort are and Elite Group hand Picked by Lord Matthew Blastshot They Include:

  • Royal Welch Fusiliers
    • 33rd Foot
    • William Howe and Line Infantry
    • Kings Royal Regiment of York
    • Royal Welch Fusiliers
    • Hessian Guards
    • Officers
  • 33rd Foot
  • The Kings Royal Regiment of York
  • Line Infantry
  • William Howe
  • Hessians
  • Grenadiers
  • Veterans
  • Officers
  • Dragoons
  • 500 Cannons

Fort's Officers

  • William Howe~ Fort Commander
    • William Howe
    • Banastre Tarleton
    • Horatio Nelson
  • Banastre Tarleton~ Second In Command
  • Horatio Nelson~ Naval Defense Commander

Sea Defense

The Sea Defense is made up of Several Powerful Ships of The Lines along with Others that include:

Hms victory painting

HMS Victory

  • HMS Victory- Admirals Flagship
  • HMS Raleigh - First Rate Ship of the Line
  • HMS York - First Rate Ship of the Line
  • HMS Vigilence - First Rate Ship of the Line
  • HMS London - First Rate Ship of The Line
  • HMS Fredrick - Second Rate
  • HMS Douglas - Second Rate
  • HMS Newton - Second Rate
  • HMS George - Second Rate
  • HMS Westminister - Third Rate
  • HMS Churchill - Third Rate
  • HMS Faye - Third Rate
  • HMS Destroyer - Fourth Rate
  • HMS Providence - Fourth Rate
  • HMS Boston - Fourth Rate
  • HMS Albany - Fifth Rate
  • HMS Philedelphia - Fifth Rate
  • HMS Tariff - Fifth Rate
  • HMS Charlestown - Sixth Rate
  • HMS Sovereign - Sixth Rate
  • About 150 Other Smaller Ships
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