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*Location: Bareclona, Spain [[File:Screenshot_2011-02-04_17-16-12.jpg|thumb]]
*Location: New Spain [[File:Screenshot_2011-02-04_17-16-12.jpg|thumb]]
*Location in Game: Isla de la Avarcia
*Location in Game: Isla de la Avarcia
*Run by: Raymond
*Run by: Raymond

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  • Location: New Spain
    Screenshot 2011-02-04 17-16-12
  • Location in Game: Isla de la Avarcia
  • Run by: Raymond
  • Also run by: Christopher Seamorgan
  • Camp: For the Army


On July 29th, 1721, Simon Treasurehawk and the Army of Marauder's Militia discovered a hidden piece of land in Spain. The secretly took it and claimed it for the Militia by hanging the flag on the tallest hill. They began setting up tents and batteries. It was nearly unstoppable and is still undiscovered.
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