Fort Nelson

Fort Nelson is a fort located on the Wild Side of Port Tariff. It is a small wooden fort With a surplus of Supplies, men, and weapons. It contains 750 Guards and Soldiers. There are 250 cannons surrounding the exterior of the Fort. Around the Fort are several guard Posts with 50 men in each. Inside the Fort is the Command HQ. It is a three storie Building that Houses the Officers of the Fort and Some Men. Also inside there are Armourys, Barracks, and Stables. The Commanding Officer of the Fort is General Tomas Gray. The Fort is named after Lord Admiral Horatio Neslon. The Fort Is located on top of a Large Hill in the Wild Jungles of Port Tariff

Commanding Officer

  • General Tomas Gray
  • Commander James Knox
  • Lieutenant Theodore Newton
  • Private William Stillson 
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