Fort Righteous

The grand Fort Rightous from a bird's eye point of view.

Fort Righteous is a fort of gigantic size. It is an island about 24 miles from the back of Kingshead, off the known charts. It is currently the location of Lord Cutler Beckett, and it is shaped like a pentagon. It is the main HQ of all the EITC, and nearly everything EITC is carried out here. It has level 50 Assassins, Navy Commanders and Admirals patrolling the entire perimeter. The enemies are extremely difficult to beat, similar to Foulberto Smasho. The fort has four levels and 100 Ships of the Line circle island at all times. Unless you have the Medallion of Revealing, a Medallion of Sight, or the Ring of Visibility, you cannot see past the fog to make port similar to when Raven's Cove first came out. This fort has recognized a new EITC boss, Mercer. He is LvL 48-50 and attacks using throwing knives, which are believe to be Mercer's Blades (Silver Freeze) becasue he has the ability to freeze the player for 7 seconds. He has 320,000 HP. he is exactly like Foulberto Smasho, in the fact that he has both very hight health and damage. He drops only Loot Skull Chests, in which you can find either throwing knives, nearly any Famed item, and nearly any Cursed Blade.

EITC Fortress

Nearly all EITC work is carried out, filed, stamped, signed, etc here. Not a note, warrant, letter, peace treaty, etc from or of the EITC gets to its destination without this fort knowing. Samuel Redbeard is the proprietor of the fortress. And as of now, the only room accessable without having to find the island is the council room, where the EITC Council of the Elders can be found usually.


This fort appears in Quest: Vang's Legacy and Peace Island Quest.

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