The Fortune Mercenary was a War Frigate converted into War Brig.

Background History

Construction on the ship began in 1761 and was launched the following year in service to the Dutch West Indies Company. It was sailing off the coast of Florida when it came under attack by pirates. The ship took damage and was soon scuttled off Padres del Fuego, the crew captured and hung. It was soon discovered by the local shipwrights and was built back together, to be later purchased by Lawrence Roberts after losing the Fortune General to the Spanish Caribbean Fleet.

Though the same style as everyone else who dons such a ship, Lawrence knew that it was special. After heavy engagements, he would ,on occasions, take his ship to open sea and fix it himself. Its hold held many assorted goods he 'collected' from his fallen foes from royal chests to cargo crates, and even a few trophies along the way, by means of taking four twenty-four pound guns from a EITC Juggernaunt that could be saved. The Mercenary now serves as a Flagship in his personal fleet; The Sea Runner being one of them.


The Fortune Mercenary shares a similar design to the VOC Amsterdam, an actual dutch sailing vessel that sunk off the coast of the Netherlands in the 1700's.

VOC Amsterdam (replica)

Screenshot 2012-08-18 21-35-46

Fortune Mercenary moored next to an English Ship of the Line


Crew: 147 + 12 on deck

Arms: 24 x 24 pound smoothbore cannons, 12 x 18 pound deck guns

Class: War Frigate converted Brig

Built: 1761, Antwerp, Dutch Province

Commissioned as Flagship: 1764

Speed: 9-11knots

Cargo: 20 (Cargo 1 hull)

Fate: Currently in use

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