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One of the squads in the Brigade, it is known as ' Ghost Recon '

Squad Leader :

Some of the squad when the leaders were still in it.

The squad leader of this squad ( Admeral Quiz ) has left the guild. Francis himself shall decide who to replace him with.

Corporal :

The Corporal of this squad ( Greencloths ) has left the guild, Francis himself shall decide who to replace him with.

Members :

Charlotte Heartstealer. (Ha! I'm on the top!)

Chris Ironshot.

Merry Loosa.

1/2 of the Guild


'August 19, 2010

The squad won an invasion alone.

'Duchees of Anemoiss'

has left the guild.

' Admeral Quiz ' has left the guild, and this was his very own squad! ' Francis Bluehawk ' ( guildmaster ) took over the guild. I suppose he wanted to be a sergeant? this is a squad page! Francis doesnt own a squad! he owns the guild!

Message from Greencloths. I left the squad. I was second in command of this squad, but its leader ( Admeral Quiz ) left, and so did one of the members ( Duchees ). After all the members and arguments Jean Le'Fitte and Dog caused at least 10 people left.The guild seems to be crumbling. I am now a sergeant.

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