G.O.P.S. Leviathan Fog

The G.O.P.S. Leviathan, also known as the H.M.S. Leviathan, is an Adavanced Ship of the Line class ship. It is used by the Gen. Of Peace Guild for an undercover ship in the Royal Merchants.


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The G.O.P.S. Leviathan was first made in the Daggerpaine Industries dockyards on July 23, 1840. Lawrence Daggerpaine had the ship be built as an undercover ship in the King's Royal Merchant Fleet. Due to actions written out in the Leviathan Series, the G.O.P.S. Leviathan is no long operational. The symbol for the ship is a circle, with an octopus with a skull head in it.



Potc Movieship part 2

Potc Movieship part 2

It's at 1:57 to end (ripped up part is during the final battle in the Leviathan Series.)


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