1. Please be kind to others, show respect to all, and don't use rude language.
  2. This Wiki is an English Wiki, however if you are to speak in a foreign language you may do so, so long as you give a translation.
  3. Do not feed the trolls, or anyone who comes here simply to troll. Do not reply to their comment saying "OMG ADMINS BAN NOW!!" This only gives the troll(s) attention, which they crave. They come simply to mess with us by using vulgar language, spamming and vandalizing pages. Ignore them and inform an admin via talk page or private message.
  4. If you wish to make a major change to someone’s fan creation/guild/group page please contact them before doing so.
  5. You may not take another user's page away from them without their permission. It is unfair to the creator for someone to claim ownership of their page just because they're not there to stop them.
  6. All edits should be made in Good Faith.
  7. Please do not make pages about ideas, questions, and/or discussions. These pages should be what is called a user blog.
  8. When adding a picture to a page, the picture must be reasonable for that page.
  9. Do not upload pictures of yourself in real life. This is to protect the identity of the users. (exception: Profile pictures/Avatars CAN be yourself, as we have no control over such)
  10. Do not claim an idea of a page yours, unless you have solid evidence that it is, which must be hosted on the wiki, and not be a picture, but a link to the history or such.
  11. Administrators decide ban or chat ban lengths based on an administrator only vote. Arguing with these decisions will not change the length.
  12. Ban-dodging will lengthen your block on all of your accounts, and a ban will be placed on your IP address.
  13. Please do not attempt to cause more arguing on a blog post that already has fighting present. Doing so will result in a strike or a small ban.
  14. Please do not in any way attempt to conflict with administrators when they are attempting to calm down an argument. Doing so will result in action being taken.
  15. Please do not make unreasonable edits. Also, do not edit pages just to increase your edit count, doing so will make you subject to a block.
  16. If you are an anonymous user (meaning you aren't registered), please do not complain about a ban. Doing so will get the ban lengthened.
  17. Religious and political discussions are allowed. However, if any users feel uncomfortable about what is being discussed, they have every right to ask the participants to stop, and they must. Never discriminate somebody else's religion, or try to enforce your beliefs on another.
  18. No bias. We, much like many other sites, do not allow bias towards or against any group or individual.
  19. No cyber bullying, cyber harassment or cyber stalking.
  20. No vandalism.
  21. No links to inappropriate content. Anything that is not family friendly should not be linked to from the wiki. Linking anything of this sort will result in a 3-day block.
  22. When an admin tells you to calm down or cease fighting/arguing, do so; failure to do so or if you continue to argue with the admin, strikes will be issued without further warning.
  23. When posting content to the wiki, keep in mind that we are not to be held responsible for anything posted by persons who are not us (the admins). You must take responsibility for your actions.
  24. Do not ask for admin powers in blogs or comments. The admin team will promote people by complete surprise. We will pick people who deserve the powers and have worked hard to improve the wiki. Do not ever ask for a promotion in any way.
  25. Do not bother Wikia staff for IP checks, ban removals or anything related to admins. In extreme cases of spam, you may contact VSTF (Volunteer Spam Task Force). Please talk to the admins before going to Wikia staff for assistance.
  26. Ask for admin permission before you advertise another wiki. Admins can reject your application for advertising a wiki, even without a reason.
  27. You may have mild swearing in your stories. Words that are allowed are ass, arse, hell, damned, bastard and wench. Please be sure to use {{SwearingStory}} or {{Swear}} on pages with some language as a warning to the reader.
  28. On the wiki itself and on chat, there will be no tolerance for extreme curse words, vulgarity, racial slurs, or other highly inappropriate words. No exceptions.
  29. Anyone who creates an unblock request for a user who has been blocked fairly will receive 1 strike. If it happens again, another strike will be issued. After the second time it is remade the user will be blocked for 2 weeks.
  30. A user should not get punished for something related to ex post facto. They will not get punished if they break the rule before it gets passed. For example, if a user does something on Tuesday and a new rule forbidding that goes into effect on Wednesday, they should not get in trouble for breaking the rule.
  31. If action is taken against you in chat (such as a chat strike), do not complain about it in public chat. Doing so will result in another chat strike or a chat ban. Instead, consult an administrator in PM.
  32. If you are banned from chat, do not make a complaint blog about the issue. Doing so will result in the ban being lengthened. Instead, contact an administrator via talk page.
  33. Do not make blogs directly insulting a user of this wiki, or with the intent or purpose to cause a riot or drama. Any such blogs will be deleted, and action taken against the creator.
  34. All content added to the wiki must be original material. Plagiarism or copyrights material and images will not be tolerated and will be subject to immediate deletion.
  35. Do not bring drama directly from the game onto the wiki; likewise, do not bring conflicts from other wikis onto our wiki.


Please follow these rules when dealing with categories:

  1. Do not add a page to a category that does not exist: Categories that do not exist show up in red.
  2. Do not make a category without permission from any admin.
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