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The Gen. of Peace is a Guild Founded on October 25, 2010, dedicated to maintain peace in the Caribbean, and keeping the Forces of the EITC, Navy and Jolly Roger at Bay. Its led by General Lawrence Daggerpaine, and you can find the guild on Cortevos.

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The Gen. of Peace started out by being the Generals of Peace, founded by Red. The Generals of Peace merged with the Chetik Union. When Red left, his second in command, Lawrence Daggerpaine, went and rebuilt the guild, now named the Gen. Of Peace. The new Generals Of Peace, the Gen. Of Peace, was founded on October 25, 2010. The new goal of the Gen. Of Peace is to make all of the Caribbean peaceful once more. It currently has about 330 members. The offical sword of the Gen. Of Peace is the General's Broadsword and the Peace Keeper Blade. It's HQ is located on Peace Island. Also, the guild took the Head Stone and plays a big part in the Peace Island Quest.

Ranking System

  1. Guildmaster
  2. Co.-Gm
  3. Top Officers
  4. Officers
  5. Veterans
  6. Members

Main Members:

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Head Officers:

Other Important members

Glaring at Pearson (Pirate) Wright


Join Today!

Think your Savvy enough to join this guild? All you need to do is leave your Current guild if you haven't already. Then go Cortevos Server, and find a member of the guild. Tell them who you are, like on wiki, and they should put you in. Put this userbox of you page after:{{Gen. Of Peace}}

Gen of Peace logo.png Gen. Of Peace is a member of the Gen. Of Peace.
Guild Userbox ImagePirate.jpg Gen. Of Peace is a Pirate Guild in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.



Youtube Channel

Our Anthem and Battle Songs.


At Worlds End Extended Score - 17. Maelstrom (version 1)

Our Battle Song


Gen. Of Peace Sailor Song

Our Anthem


At Worlds End Extened Score - 22. Maelstrom (version 2)

second battle song


Gen. Of Peace - One Year Aniversary

Another anthem, also celebrating the one year mark for the guild


Hoist The Colours Full song(Lyrics)

Second Anthem


City of Ember soundtrk -20- Water Wheel

A epic theme


Our Role-play is different that other role-play pirates. Now a days, most of the Caribbean does the 2009 style role-play. The Gen. Of Peace guild used to partake in that role-play, but decided to quit in the summer of 2011. For a while, the guild did not role-play at all. Then, one of our guildmates (Black Buccaneer) thought of an idea: To role-play but use to 2008, not to 2009, style role-play. This means we will have wars and such, but not against other players, but against the npcs (The non-Playable Character enemies in the game). We will mainly be fighting the enemies of the pirates on the server of Cortevos.

The GOP Offical Anthem. Written by Lawrence Daggerpaine and song to the tune of Hoist the Colours.