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(King) Ghidorah is the most massive and third most powerful Kaiju in Minecraft. Ghidorah only spawns on Mushroom or Monster Islands and is untameable. Ghidorah is one of the few allies of Mobzilla, and the two will fight together against any opponents. He stands at 70 blocks high, 20 higher than Mobzilla himself.




Health: 4000

Armor: 50


Gravity Beams - Massive yellow lightning bolts that are equal to Mobzilla's atomic breath in power.

Stomp - Ghidorah can leap into the air and sink back down at mach speed, completely obliterating the terrain and any entities.

Speed and Flight - Ghidorah can fly nearly as fast as Mothra.

Cowardice - Ghidorah will attempt to flee to safety after losing half of his health (he will not attack while fleeing)

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