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Gigan is a Kaiju mob in Minecraft and third member of Mobzilla's triforce. Like Ghidorah, Gigan will race towards Mobzilla the second he spawns, attempting to combine forces with the other two Kaiju to wreak havoc and give the three Good Kaiju (Kong, Mothra, and Rodan) and their player allies a harder time. Gigan is an extremely unpredictable Kaiju due to his vast array of lethal weapons and abilities. Gigan can spawn in any biome.





Hearts: 5000

Armor: 60


Antigravity Flight - Gigan can fly close to Rodan's speed.

Buzzsaw - Gigan delivers among the highest damage value melee attack of all the Kaiju.

Laser - Moderate ranged damage.

Flamethrower - Enough said.