Giratina Origin Forme

Giratina Origin Forme is a player that people don't know much about. He has mastered all of his weapons, and can often be found in Port Royal, either one of the Assassin Bosses, General Darkhart, El Patron's Mine, or with Samuel Redbeard. He is Samuel Redbeard's right hand man, and Second in Command of the EITC. Often times Giratina is in Abassa. Sadly Lord Gear left the game forever. :(

Fire 5.gif
Giratina Origin Forme is a True Master and has mastered everything!
Girante ship.png
A War Galleon owned by the EITC Lord Himself
A War Frigate owned by the EITC Lord Himself
EITC Member.jpg
Giratina Origin Forme's EITC Rank is Second in Command.
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