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Golden Armada (First Infantry Unit of the Barbary Military) pertains to role-play.

Firstly, this division is considered an armada because when it was made, it was only ships, but it currently fights on land and at sea. The unit was founded in 1735 by a group of Half-Soullesses who escaped from Jolly Roger. By 1740, Captain Johnny "Shark" Turner, notorious pirate, became the leader. For five years, Jonathan made it a crew of mercenaries working for England. Its forces were merciless and it was later considered a group of assassins due to the fact they usually strike at night and at individuals rather than armies. It was like this for a little less than five years, because Johnny conquered the Barbary Coast and ended anarchy in it. This led to the Golden Armada becoming the First Infantry Unit of all of the Barbary militants. With 326 half-undead men (and women), it is divided into 5 groups.

Group Alpha (Navy)

  • Ship: Golden Dragon
  • Cannons: 44 broadsides, 26 cannons
  • Crew: 78
  • Leader: Captain Molly "Scarlet" Turner (Sometimes led by King Jonathan)
  • Ship Class: War Brig (Specially upgraded)

Group Secundae (Navy)

  • Ship: Golden Shark
  • Cannons: 68 broadsides, 16 cannons
  • Crew: 92
  • Leader: Captain Edward "Foulbeard" Palmer
  • Ship Class: War Galleon (Specially Upgraded)

Group Tertia (Army)

  • Tactic: Sneaking up on enemies
  • Majority Weapon: Dagger/throwing knives
  • Army of: 45
  • Commander: "Ace" Hendricks

Group Neljas (Army)

  • Tactic: Long-ranged firing
  • Majority Weapon: Musket
  • Army of: 52
  • Commander: Nathaniel "Meat" Joseph

Group Fulgur (Navy)

  • Ship: Golden Rogue
  • Cannons: 28 broadsides, 10 cannons
  • Crew: 59
  • Leader: Bartholomew "Cannon Bart" Jacobs
  • War Sloop (Specially Upgraded)