Golden Pistol is a very powerful Pistol; part of the famous Master Ex Weapon group.


Created by King Shadow Sail, this gun is one of the strongest

pistols to be made. It was made about 20 years ago, Jack was very young. It is one of the finer and older weapons in the Master Ex group, but is still around to this day. Shadow keeps this weapon hidden in a special room underground.

Only he has the key and directions. The other copy is owned by Jack Daggermenace. He hides this weapon as well, for, this weapon is very valuable.


Resale: Priceless

  • Attack: 125
  • Rarity: Master Ex
  • Type: Pistol
  • Skill Required: Master Ex Member
  • Resale: Priceless
  • Abilities:
  • Ex Reload: You don/t have to reload!
  • Rage: Makes you shoot all around you, damaging every enemy in sight.
  • Skill Boost: +3
  • Golden: Adds 500 gold to your current inventory + adds 500 to loot.
  • Spike: You have a new ammo, spike, freezing the enemy plus damaging them.
  • Ex: Makes you into a master shooter; boosting health and attack by 200.
  • Gold Ammo: You have a new ammo type! This new ammo is made of pure gold and damages a group of enemies.
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