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Gorog is an demon boss that can be found on Isla Inferno and Diablo, ghost ship. He was created accidentaly when Jolly Roger cursed the island. He is evil and highly dangerous. He is an expert cannoneer on the Diablo, ghost ship. He has an evil vengence that he wants to kill Jolly Roger and become the new leader of the undead army. He uses his fists and tentacles to kill his enemies. Strong but slow he is if in need to run away.


If he can ever be defeated he drops legendary and famed weapons.

Locations Found

He can be found guarding a cave of evil.... or can be found on the Ghost Ship, Diablo.

Levels Seen..

Gorog has been seen as lv 56. Health-?? cause pretty much one hit you die and nobody has gotten close enough to actually hurt him.  There is only two Demon bosses and that's Gorog and Inferno Titan.

Other Info

Myhefusa-1- (55x41).jpg Gorog is a(n)/the Main Cannoneer of the SS Diablo!
Typhon-1- (37x55).jpg Gorog is a Demon!
Isla Inferno Template.jpg Gorog is a/an/the Demon Boss on Isla Inferno!
2369791766 b29289a528 o-1- (55x55).jpg Gorog is the Guardian of the Cave of Insanity