Grace Goldtimbers (Duchess Of Anemois)

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Duchess Of Anemois

The Duchess of Anemois, or just Duchess, is the Queen of France currently.

Full Title: By the Grace of God, Most Catholic Queen of France and Navarre; Grâce Goldtimbers, Duchess of Anemois, Countess of Provence, Forcalquier and the lands adjacent; Dauphine of Viennois, Countess of Valentinois and of Diois


Duchess was born in the Caribbean. Her parents were Johnny Goldtimbers and Marie Antoinette. After Johnny left, she and her mother lived in the home for three months. After three months the EITC came and took Duchess. Her mother Marie was forced to go back to France. During that time, Duchess grew up with her brother, Captain Leon. When she left him, her brother, attempted to capture Duchess many times. One was nearly successful (see The Capture of the Duchess of Anemois) Leon was always thwarted by Duchess' family, mostly being Jack Swordmenace, Cadet, King John Breasly II of England, Captain Jim Logan, Lord Marshal Samuel Redbeard and Matthew O'malley. Today, she is in the guild Ov3Rdrive, and is content with her life.



  • Storm King—War Sloop
  • Savage Destroyer—War Frigate
  • Fighting Dragon—War Galleon











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Duchess as a little girl.

Duchess makes an appearance as The Queen Of France in The Jim Logan Saga, as a protagonist and Victor offers Jim to have Duchess marry Jim although Jim declines.She is refered to as Gracie, Grace, Duchess(or Madame Duchess by the children.) Later in the book she makes a major appearance too help Jim defend Port Royal from a massive invasion force from The Worlds Goverment. She was scheduled to make a final appearance in the Final Chapter(Time Skip to the 13th Birthday) but was cut out due to troubles in writing and possible conflict with her and Kayla Silverfox, she was replaced by Angelica Teach.

Grace is scheduled to appear in the sequeal to The Logan Family Saga where Grace will serve as the main love intrest for Jim Logan

Star Wars Universe

Grace has a Star Wars Universe Counterpart also named Grace (Last name not known as of yet). She is almost completely the same as Grace from POTC Universe, except, other then being a Jedi, her hair is completely blonde, and she has a more love interest with Jim then the Grace in the POTC Universe.

Also, Grace seems to have no problem with Jim not knowing about their kids until their oldest was 6 years old. This shows Grace knows of their commitment to the Jedi Order, although Yoda discovered the children before Jim even knew of their existence. Despite there being rules, Jim nor Grace were expelled from the Order.

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