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What is the Empire

"The Empire," officially known as the Grand Imperial Order is an alliance of many guilds and followers under the influence of Emperor Kwagar Ocata. Although no longer a prominent power in the Caribbean, "The Empire" and her followers still remain loyal to their master, waiting to make a return.

​Rules of the GIO

Rules of the Grand Imperial Order.


  • We as the Grand Imperial Order respect any roleplay but any Anti-Imperial roleplay is strictly forbidden. This includes but is not limited to: Trying to gain our territory without permission or agreement; Harshly insulting or mistreating any members whether IC or OOC; Any necessary tirade or an extent of rebellious behaviour. Unruly harassment of GIO guilds or members after being asked to stop.
  • You may role play as any faction appropriate to the particular game. We don't care which faction, just obey rule number one of role play. (For Example: You wouldn't roleplay as a Jedi Master in POTCO)
  • God-modding and Power Plays will not be tolerated in the GIO's role play. This may include features dodging every hit, never being killed or defeated, controlling other players' characters actions and the outcomes of situations or any other form of "immortality" or "puppet master." However we do make exceptions for immortality that suits the roleplay of the character. (For Example: Roleplaying as a demon)


  • Do not make rude or unnecessary remarks.
  • Do not misbehave or insult anyone in the game.
  • Do not spam ANY chat.
  • Do not threaten other players.
  • Do not fight or argue with anyone on the game unless strictly in character.
  • Respect all members of the Grand Imperial Order and the POTCO community.

The Leaders

The Leaders of the Empire have complete power over the Empire.

The Emperor

The Emperor is the head of state and ruling monarch within the Grand Imperial Order. His rule is inalienable to any other member of "The Empire," say the majority of The Brothers of Chaos.

  • Emperor - Kwagar Ocata


The Founders are the creators of "The Empire."

  • Founder - Kwagar Ocata (Captin Kwagar)
  • Founder - Master Tito
  • Founder - Hector


The Grand Imperial Order is an authoritarian despotism led by the Emperor of the Empire.

The Royal Family

The Royal Family is the ruling family of "The Empire."

The Ocata Family

  • Kwagar Ocata
  • Aqueron Ocata
  • Morderis Ocata

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