The Legend

The Grog Toxic is a potion that is barely ever made. Only 3 people have this highly dangreous potion and no
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The Grog Toxic.

one knows who could make this potion. Some people believe that it's Tia Dalma who made this potion or toxic, and gave it as a gift to Davy Jones. He almost drunk the potion and Jolly Roger was very angry over this and decided to stop Tia Dalma from making more. by doing that he put a curse over the Caribbean. Legend has it when every Grog Toxic is made that one living person becomes a undead skeleton.


No one knows how to make this potion the only ingredient found was blood of a venus fly trap.

What could Happen if you drink this tonic?

If you find this potion and if you drink it you'll unable to actually talk for the rest of your life. Another thing that happens is that one of your legs becomes unstable and unable to use.But most people say that this Toxic caused Cancer.The Best Solution is to give this to your enemy. Another Legend is that if you drink this potion you'll rot and every painful moment of becoming a living skeleton. Level Requires to make this tonic: level-25
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