Jeffrey Blasthawk

Sgt. Bob

Super Bob

Bartender Bob

Bob Jr.

Smart Bob

Rich Bob

Cadet Bob

Davy Plunderflint

Bob Barber Bob

Big Bob

Joseph Sharksteel Master Bob ( Guildmaster )

Founders of The Guild of Bobs The Bob Guild is a guild, still in existence, created around mid-late 2009, used for people who are too bored with their regular character. The Guild of Bobs dresses up as the same, and goes around different servers and advertises. The planned to be the most famous guild in the Caribbean. They almost accomplished the feat, but when GM Master Bob ( Joseph Sharksteel ) announced he would not come on as much as he used to, the guild died. It continued in the summer of 2010, but did not get as much as attention. The guild is in existence to the current date, but has not been used alot. in mid January, they made an announcement about "one night only" stands, every week. They plan to make a big return, and rescue, despite the absence of Master Bob, Joseph Sharkstel.

In the year that followed, Davy Plunderflint would be lost, leaving just Jeffrey Blasthawk, and his Bobs in the guild of Bobs.

They would usually form lines, such as Coin lines, bored lines, jig lines, ect.

Crowd Control Problems

The Guild of Bobs always have attracted attention, both from haters, and wanna-bees.

List of Haters

  • Spencemaster
  • Matthew
  • Everyone named 'George'

Recent Abassa Tortuga Encounter

Spencemaster, Matthew have both been past haters, but just awhile ago, it went too far. It ended in Spence being reported. Jeffrey and Davy both roasted Spence to the max, and it is said that the Bobs ended the fight in success.

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