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The Guildmaster's Clan is a clan of people who have been or currently are the guild master of a guild. The order doesn't matter and you can add yourself if you meet the requirements. Also, add yourself to the list and add what guild you are GM of.


You must have been a Guildmaster of a guild and the guild must have had at least more than one member.

  • Guild must have or have more than 1 member.
  • Guild must be original name and no Pirate Guild ########
  • No Pirate Guild ##### please. You can add its name when there's a guild name.




  • Jarod, Former Guildmaster of the mighty Dutch Empire, and of Pirates O' War (VERY old guild, one of my first :D)
  • Robert Shipstealer, Former Guildmaster of the Hired-Gun Co.
  • Robert, Former Guildmaster of the Co. Empire United and the Seige Charges
  • Bill Plunderbones : Former Guildmaster of Chetik Union
  • Jason Yelloweagle ~ Former Guildmaster of Jim's Army
  • William Burnmonger, Former Guildmaster of Renegade Red
  • Davy Badbones - Former Guildmaster of Assassin's Clan

If member

Guildmaster's Clan Pic Guildmasters' Clan was or is currently a guildmaster and has joined the Guildmaster's Clan!
Code: {{Guildmaster's Clan Member}} You could use this code as long as you're a member
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