Gunwale Mercenary
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Matthew Sternrage


Moon Hawk

Type (Class)

Frigate (War)



Greatest Enemy


Top Speed

10 Knots (Sailing Speed), 20 Knots (Ramming Speed

Hull Type

Cargo 1 Hull

Sail Color/Emblem/Rigging

Blue/Squid/Basic Sail

     The Gunwale Mercenary (Referred to as the Mercenary) is Matthew Sternrage's second and considered equal strongest ship counterparting to the Fighting Executioner in service under the Moon Hawk guild. The Mercenary descends from EITC history and is the only ship in Sternrage's original fleet to come from EITC. She was sold but was repurchased from Matthew and returned before the Wicked Wrath. The Gunwale Mercenary was the first ship in Sternrage's Fleet to battle the Queen Anne's Revenge after Matthew's return and is the main vessel of Matthew's to battle the Queen Anne's Revenge. The ship can be found frequenting Undead Warships in the Hinterseas around Padres Del Fuego.

Scoundrel of the Seas

The Gunwale Mercenary was second to join in on the Bounty Hunters. The Mercenary faced many hunters, including the Vengeance, Red Dervish, Flying Storm, Killyaded, Century Hawk, Cutter Shark, and more recently, the Tally-ho, Battle-Royale, En-Garde, and the Scorned Siren. The ship has totalled to have gotten the Rank 3 Scoundrel ranking at least 5 times since the hunters began roaming the Caribbean. With the Mercenary having the Cargo 1 Hull Upgrade, she is used more often as she can carry more cargo than the Executioner.


  • Gunwale Mercenary is the only ship of the Sternrage Fleet originally EITC. The Fighting Executioner and Wicked Wrath were from the Royal Navy.
  • In the story of it's liberation, she was to be demolished for having the key to El Patron's Chest.
  • The Mercenary is the only ship of Sternrage's Fleet to not battle a major enemy directly, as the Executioner battled the Queen Anne's Revenge, and Wicked Wrath the Harkaway.
  • The Gunwale Mercenary uses the Cargo Hull upgrades to keep her title in Sternrage's fleet with the biggest cargo hold.
  • The Mercenary is the preferred ship Matthew uses when getting gold to pay for Hull upgrades for the Executioner and Wrath, having 20 Cargo spaces over the Wicked Wrath's (Replaced with Ghostly Vindictator, a War Sloop) 18 space Cargo hold.
  • The Mercenary would have an unofficial nickname in the guild, being their "Kraken" on the prowl.
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