The White Sword Line Bordeux Class Ships
HMHS Bordeux

HMHS Bordeux Sail Renovations
HMHS Bordeux Sail Renovations 2

The HMHS Bordeux from another angle on her 2nd Duration test after her Sail Renovation. NOTE: The sails appear blue because the time of day and the water is reflecting on them.

The HMHS Bordeux is a ship under the ownership of White Sword Line and is currently going under renovations before she will be a functioning passenger liner.

How she was constructed.

The  HMHS Bordeux is a luxury passenger liner under the ownership of the White Sword Line, known for their attention to detail, and grade A ships. The HMHS Bordeux is one of three sister ships within the Bordeux Class Liners. White Sword Line ships are very recognizeable due to their eye-catching shine. The sails shine because they are made from the finest materials, the main fabric source being egyptian cotton. The hull is painted in 5 Coats of lacquer to give it an irridescent shine. She was built from scratch at the White Sword Line shipbuilding and offshore construction sector, located in Belfast Ireland. Her Maiden Voyage is soon to be announced. Her sister ships are also  under construction, with the HMHS Bordeux being at the head of the fleet.

A look inside the HMHS Bordeux

HMHS Bordeux Dinning ROom

The Dinning Room aboard HMHS Bordeux

HMHS Bordeux 5

The HMSH Bordeux parked in shallow waters to pass her durability test.

Goodnight Bordeaux copy

The HMHS Bordeux on her durability test in the night. As you can see her sails still shine.

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