HMS Ancient is a War Frigate in service of the guild Beckett's Pride. It is named so because it utilizes technology found in long sunk Undead ships. It was commissioned by Captain Rose O'scarlett after the 2nd Battle of Mar de

The HMS Ancient

Plata, as a ship to hold valuable artifacts in safekeeping from Logan Heights ships. As a War Frigate, it does have very good armor, but O'scarlett took this to the next level by adding a huge 40,000 gold worth of armor. This was accomplished by removing the deck guns and also removing the battering ram commonly found on Frigate-class ships, to even the weight out.

HMS Ancient did not play a huge part in the battles of the Raider Empire-Logan Heights war, but was involved in countless skirmishes with Undead and Logan Heights ships. One such skirmish was when HMS Ancient was attacked by two Undead ships, a Phantom and a Storm Reaper. It sunk the Phantom, but was boarded by the Storm Reaper, during which the voodoo idol that it was transporting was stolen. O'scarlett led a counter-attack boarding party onto the Storm Reaper, defeating most of the Undead, but the captain of the Storm Reaper was able to escape, taking the idol with him. O'scarlett divided her crew between the now-captured Storm Reaper and HMS Ancient, and took the sails of the Storm Reaper before scuttling the Reaper, and pursued the captain. She immediately ran into a Spanish Cerberus, and sunk it, with the captain onboard. After the Cerberus was sunk, HMS Ancient retreived the idol.

HMS Ancient now serves it's usual purpose, transporting items around the Caribbean, but it has not seen a battle since the Storm Reaper incident.


  • Armor: 14,000
  • Sails: 12,000
  • Broadsides: 14
  • Cargo: 17
  • Crew: 12
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