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HMS Chieftain
The HMS Chieftain emerging from Black Pearl Island


Ship of the Line

Port of Registry


Guild of Registry

The Co Empire


Captain Leon

Current Location


      The HMS Chieftain was the flagship of the EITC when Captain "Lord" Leon was in power. It was rarely seen, but was rumored to be kept at Fort Righteous. It was a massive, four decked ship of the line.


Hull: 95,000

Armor: 50%

On-Deck Cannons: 26

Broadsides: 94

Sail: Max Speed 20 knots

Crew: 30

Notable Crew Members

Captain "Lord" Leon

William Darkvane

Sam Seavane

Lord Samuel Redbeard*

Admiral Johnny Goldtimbers*

General Robert Mcroberts*

General James "Usman" Strider*

King John Breasly

Lord Benjamin Macmorgan*

*Rank at time, does not match current rank.

Other Appearances

The ship was said to be sunk in The Death of Jack Swordmenace, where it made its first appearance on the wiki.


It is unknown who sunk the HMS Chieftain, but it was seen sinking by EITC ships sailing near Isla de Avaricia. It is believed the Victory Voyager, Golden Dragon, and Red Rebel teamed up to sink it. Others speculate that Jeffrey Blasthawk sank it after Leon was nearly killed. A survivor of the attack reports that the ship was never near the island. It is known the HMS Chieftain was rebuilt shortly after Captain Leon returned as Ben Goldeagle. It was then re-built, and currently sails the Caribbean Sea.