The HMS Conqueror is a First Rate of 100 guns Ship of the Line Captained by Grand Admiral Johnny Goldtimbers of the EITC Navy. The Conqueror is the Pride of the EITC Fleet in the Mediterranean waters and protects important Trade Routes in the Mediterranean Sea.

HMS Conqueror off coast

The HMS Conqueror off the Coast of Italy.

Design and Build

The HMS Conqueror was Ordered by King George I on August 16, 1716 has a Promotional Present to Johnny Goldtimbers to his Promotion to being Knighted and given Lordship. Contrustion Begun in March 17, 1717. She was completed on May 27, 1723 just in time for Goldtimber's Promotion which was on June 5, 1723. Finally the Conqueror was Commissioned on August 18, 1724.

Sea Battle

When Spain did not pay their depts to the EITC, they launched a massive Blackade of the Country's trade routes and Waterways. The year was 1741 and the HMS Conqueror was sent to lead the Bloackade. The Spanish Governent sent all avaliable Warships to counter the Blackade. As Flagship of the EITC Mediterranean Armada, She was a constand Target. But being Commanded by Grand Admiral Johnny Goldtimbers the Armada swept into Battle. After two long weeks of Warfare Spain retreated and finally paid their depts to the EITC and gained the EITC access to their docks. The HMS Conqueror sailed into the Docks of Spain to be repaired after critical damage from fighting in the Sea Battle. After little less then a month of repair the HMS Conqueror sailed out of the Armada and into the Caribbean Waters.

HMS Conqueror in Battle

The HMS Conqueror (Middle) Battles Spanish Warships off the Coast of Spain

Ship's Theme Song! :D

Dead Mans Chest Extended Score - 05

Dead Mans Chest Extended Score - 05. Left Our Marks

The HMS Conqueror's Theme Song

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