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The HMS Enterprise is a first rate Sky Ship, designed and built by Reaver Industries in 1723 originally the HMS
HMS Enterprise

HMS Enterprise

Heart of Oak, Reaver Industries bought her, pull her to pieces and rebuilt her as the ship she is today, mounting 103 guns, featuring the largest gun ever made the "Ground Shaker" mortar, She is commanded by Commodore Lord Richard Venables of the Royal Navy, She currently is stationed in Kingshead and watches the seas of the caribbean waiting for her enemies to make the fatal mistake of chalanging her might!


  • Captain/Richard Venables
  • First Officer/Richard Luther
  • Second Officer/Ishamel Venables
  • Third Officer/Peter Coalvane
  • Fourth Officer/Albert Spark
  • Sailing Master/John Shipmenace
  • Bosun/James Steelgun
  • 470 other crewmen
  • 237 Royal Marines


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