The HMS Legendary is a ship of the line that patrols British harbors. It is a defense ship of His Majesty's Fleet.

The HMS Legendary at port

The Battle of 1679

On March 20, 1679, the HMS Legendary was paroling British waters on a routine run, but was soon being attacked by Spanish privateers. The puny light sloops barely stood a chance and were sunk quickly. Around noon, several privateers had now attacked the HMS Legendary. She fought them off for nearly twelve hours until the Spanish warship The Revenge, attacked it in a final wave. The HMS Legendary became crippled, as did the Revenge. Three hours later, both ship were near sunk and retreated. On its way to English waters, it ran into another ship of the line. The HMS Legendary, being injured, tried to flee, but alas, it was too damaged. The men aboard survived only because the ship's large sails caught the wind just in time. It struggled to reach port, but finally arrived at the docks. Months later the HMS Legendary returned to sea and destroyed the Revenge and the rest of the fleet, finding valuable loot and wearing it as a symbol of perseverance.

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