The HMS Supreme is a MASSIVE Ship of the Line of the EITC, and the Flagship for the EITC. It is owned and commanded by none other than Lord Samuel Redbeard. She has 800,000 HP and 24,000 sailing. Her max speed is 22 nautical miles. She has 54 broadsides on each side, making a total of 108 broadsides. She has tri-barrel cannons on the front and the back, similar to the Flying Dutchman. She is embroidered with gold , and the EITC flag flies proudly off her stern and above the main mast. The ship can carry a good 48 cargo, and 28 crew.

Fortress at Sea

The HMS Supreme, being extremely hard to defeat, is literally a fortress at sea. When she is attacking a pirate fort, town or ship... there is little anybody can do about it.

She is the flagship for Beckett's Armada, and fleets, and the only ship not under the command of Admiral of the Fleet, John Warsmythe.

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