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History of the ship.

The ship began its construction in 1733 and was completed in 1736. The ship was the temporary transport for the Lost Sword of Capitaine Guirlande, before being boarded be a unidentified vessel. The ship is a commanding

The HMS Pereal.

vessel in the British Royal Navy. It was a third class Ship of the Line, with 74 guns. It was a Elizabeth-class ship, designed by Sir Thomas Slade. The ship was sunk of the coast of spain in 1743. There were no survivors found. The ship that investigated the wreck was the HMS Freedom, it was on its way to england when the captain saw the Pereal in flames. When he arrived at the ship the crew had already been robbed, murdered, or worse. The cause of the ships demise was stated as a accident. But spanish ships were spotted in the area on the same day

Name: HMS Pereal
Operators: Royal Navy
Captain: Malcome Reynolds
1st Mate William Jusuce
Type: Ship of the Line, Third Rate
Armament 74 Guns
In-Service 1736-1743 (Wrecked)
Class Overview Class Overview


Preceded By: Albion-Class
Succeeded By: Royal Oak-Class
Completed 9
Lost 3
Other Ships in class: HMS Elizabeth, HMS Resolution, HMS Cumberland HMS Swiftsure
Other Ships in class: HMS Berwick HMS Bombay Castle HMS Powerful HMS Defiance