The HMS Port Royal is a Navy War Frigate that guards Port Royal. It's first captain was Lawernce Blake, father of Peter Blake (Wildsilver).

the HMS Port Royal

This ship is very loyal to Port Royal, stopping many invasions by fighting off Jolly Roger's ship, The Harkaway. The ship has three extra cannons on each side, helping him defeat Jolly.

It is rumored that about 20 years ago it was attacked and sank, by Jolly Rgger himself and was rebuilt, stern to bow, hull to mast. that sworn revenge on Jolly Roger, but after a while it got sunk again and then LeClerc Sharpe found it and repaired it not changing the name of the ship so he sailed it every invasion trying so hard to protect Port Royal.But After A while the ship got old very old and then settle to sink very slowly and on the night of July 1, 1744 it sunk completely and as you thought hope was all lost the kraken wrecked it to pieces.Then another sailor just to rebuild and it was a success he then controlled it for the protection of Cuba his home island.After a while the royal navy came and then took the ship giving the ship a new captain that will protect Port Royal.This ship is quite unique it has Greek fire on on broadside and also firestrom, and bait shot to destroy her enemies.


  • Hull= 25000
  • Speed= 13 knots
  • Cannons= 24
  • Cargo= 15
  • Type= War Frigate
  • Current Captain= Unknown

Sail ramming speed HMS Port Royal is a War Frigate!!
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