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The British Halls of Rememberance/In honour of those who gave their lives....

The Entrance to the Halls of Rememberance

The British Halls of Rememberance was a great monument built by Major General Richard Venables in Plymouth, England to remember the British Soldiers and Officers who gave their lives for the Glorious British Empire and Who paid the ultimate price for peace, the Halls are devided into two sections those missing in action (presumed dead) and those who were killed in action (bodies recovered).


Colour Sergeant Nick Sharkhayes/MIA

Colour Sergeant Nickolai Sharkhayes was posted to the 2nd Battalion of the  21st Regiment of Foots Light Company in 1734 under Captain Richard Venables, Sir Venables wrote: "He was  brave, loyal, reliable and downright trustworthy he was both a faithful friend and fellow soldier who i miss dearly, Sergeant Sharkhayes symbolised the true grit and determination of the British Army, Fierce Loyalty and Dedication to Duty"  He Disappeared in Action in 1741 in action during the Battle of Ab'yusa in India, he was presumed dead, his body never found.

Lieutenant Colonal the Honourable Sir Johnathan F. Lawford/MIA

Lt Colonal Sir Johnathan F. Lawford was the senior Commanding officer of the Twenty First Regiment of Foot, and brilliant young officer of the British Royal Marines at the young age of just 14 he was given command of his own company and two years later given command of his own company, when told to retreat he is said to have remarked "Damn your eyes, sir. I'll either stand long enough to die, or run fast enough to live. If it's up to me, I take the first."

He Disappeared in action during a sea battle off the coast of Havana, against a Spanish frigate.

His body was not recovered but was presumed dead.

Lord Jack Harkness KIA

Lieutenant Colonal, Lord Jack Harkness was the founding officer of the 74th Highland Regiment of Foot, He was killed in Action during the Second Battle of Ravens Cove in 1736, his body was buried in St. Pauls Cathedral.

He was buried with honours in 1737.

Charles Hawkestone KIA

Commodore Sir Charles Hawkestone was commander of the Port Royal Squadron in 1739, He was noted as a brilliant stratigic officer and noted for his capture of Isle de Porc in 1739.

He was killed in action during the Third Battle of Isle De Etable de Porc in 1740 and was taken and buried in Port Royal Cemetery.