80px-Bane AHate Doll

Attack: 580

Dark Curse - Rank 5

(Break Attack)

Dark curse prevents half damage taken from ranged and melee attacks.

Know your enemy - Rank 1

You cannot be harmed in combat by any weapon.

Voodoo Master - Rank 1

Unlimited voodoo power.

Poke Boost + 5


Not much is known about these weapons, except that they were created by powerful Voodoo Masters who were very powerful with the dark forces.


  1. Talk to Tia Dalma
  2. Tia Dalma knows you are powerful with darkness. To make a perfect doll, you must recover the right materials.
  • The Makings:
  1. Recover lockets of hair from Revenant Ships (10)
  2. Recover buckets of Black Clay from an Undead Ship.
  3. Recover String from Black Harkbinger ships (10)
  4. Recover Support Strings from EITC Juggernauts (5)
  5. Find strings of Sinew in Crates (20)
  6. Return to Tia Dalma

You have the makings, but all you have now is a doll. You must recover some important connections of Voodoo.

  • Cursed items:
  1. Recover Cursed Rings from Death Omens (3)
  2. Recover Tiny Cursed Sandals from Crates on Padres Del Fuego.
  3. Recover Cursed Obsidian from Barrels on Padres Del Fuego.
  4. Recover a cursed locket from a buried treasure chest.
  5. Recover Voodoo Crystals from Timothy Dartan.
  6. Defeat a Brinescum and recover a body part.
  7. Defeat a Molusk and recover a body part.
  8. Defeat an Undead Gypsy and recover a bone.
  9. Defeat an Undead Witchdoctor and recover a bone.
  10. Return to Tia Dalma

In order to make connection with your enemies, recover their blood and other parts.

  • The Blood of your enemies
  1. Defeat any EITC or Navy and recover drop of blood.
  2. Defeat any Scorpion and recover a drop of blood.
  3. Defeat any Crab and recover a drop of blood.
  4. Defeat any wasp, stump, or fly trap and recover a drop of blood.
  5. Defeat any Alligator and recover a drop of blood.
  6. Defeat any ghost and recover souls.
  7. Defeat any undead and recover bone dust.
  8. Steal a jar of fresh blood from Undead Frigate.
  9. Defeat any living enemy and gather its blood.
  10. Dig up a heart from a buried chest.
  11. Return to Tia Dalma

The Doll is almost finished.

  1. Now you must defeat something on every island and take a sample of it.
  2. Gather parts for a cursed needle.
  3. Steal a bone from any Undead Boss.
  4. Steal a cursed Anvil from a buried chest.
  5. Return to Tia Dalma


  • 50,000 Notoriety
  • Hate Doll
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