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Chris stood at a cliff on Raven's Cove. Black and General Hex, who was alive at the time, walked up behind him.
"So, you've chased me here…"
"Are you ready to accept your fate?"
"It's time for you to die like your foolish captain!"
Chris unsheathed a Viper blade, and lunged at Black. He kicked him in the face, and proceeded to duel both Black and Hex. Chris shot Black's sword out of his hand, and then proceeded to try to stab Black. Black raised his sword to stab Chris.
"It's time to die, Black," Hex said, pointing his sword to Black's throat, "The lost sword is OURS! Chris and I formed a secret alliance!"
Hex attacked Black, who narrowly blocked the attack, and the three dueled. Black wounded Hex, and Chris quickly blocked his killing stoke. Black kicked Hex away, stabbing him in the shoulder, then pulled out his sword. Black disarmed Chris, and stabbed him multiple times. Chris coughed up blood, and fell over on his back. Hex turned to Black.
"Nate… All I ever wanted was to destroy my enemies in the Caribbean."
"No," Black replied.
Black pulled out a double-barreled flintlock pistol, and pointed it at Hex's head.
"You have found this!"
Black shot Hex in the head twice, and he fell over, dead. As he looked to the side, he noticed Chris was gone. He then went to his ship and sailed away to find another adventure.