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Chris was chasing Black through a cave controlled by the Navy. The Navy, seeing Chris as a massive threat due to his attempted worldwide conquest, attacked him, slowing him down. Black was chased into a Navy office, and found members of the Black Guard pointing weapons at him.
"Wait! Christopher Crane is coming!"
"The Spanish guy?"
"He was discharged, and is trying to take over the Caribbean!"
An EITC commander motioned for the soldiers to release Black and keep him at the desk in the office, and suddenly a sword ripped through the door. The sword went clean through the commander's head, killing him. Chris tore the door open, killing the guards. Chris appeared out from behind a wall, shooting the guard standing next to Black, then shot him again with a second pistol. The guard slumped over, dead, and Chris pointed his double-barreled pistol at Black.
"Your time is up, Black. You failed, you thought you could kill me, and now the lost sword is mine."
"Chris shot Black in the head with both barrels, took the lost sword, and walked out."

December 21, 1723. Black's friends and allies were carrying Black's corpse on a wooden board, and came upon the Pantano River. They started towards a house with its lights on...