Hermit Blade phase 3

The Hermit Blade is a sword used by "Hermit".

Originally, Chris Crane, aka "Hermit", had the blade at an early age, but it was at that time a Rusty Cutlass. Hermit was trained to use the sword by his parents because the EITC and Royal Navy were searching for him. After the death of Hermit's parents, he left England with his siblings, and they settled in the Caribbean. At some point, when Hermit worked in INFERNO, under Ned Yellowbeard, he discovered a Cursed Blade without it's handle on a Thrall Captain's belt. When he killed the Thrall Captain and claimed the blade as his own, he took it to his hideout, and replaced the blade of his current sword with the Cursed Sword, and it became a Deepwater Broadsword. Later, during a looting party on Isla Tormenta with Bill Plunderbones, Hermit discovered a Tyrant Blade. Later that day he fused it with the Hermit Blade, giving it a new appearance and abilities. It wasn't long after that where Hermit discovered a Barracuda Blade and fused that with the blade as well.

Combo Damage Description
Chop 200 Horizontal cut to the right.
High Cut 400 Quick diagonal cut.
Upward Cleave 800 The Sword is swung upwards.
Spin cut 1,600 User spins clockwise, striking all enemies surrounding them
Jump Strike 3,200 User jumps into the air and comes back down, performing a downward cleave.

Combo Damage Description
Fire Sweep 500 A Sweep is performed, and a short-range shockwave of fire is released.
Advanced Brawl 60 Victim is stunned and their wrist is slashed at, paralyzing them with pain.
Taunt 60 The usual taunt- the selected target is provoked to attack the weapon's user.
Flaming Blade Storm 2,000 The usual Blade Storm attack, except the Sword is on fire, and more damage is dealt.
Cleanse 0 The user is healed of all negative effects.
Hurricane Slash 500 All nearby enemies are knocked down.
Cursed Fire 200 per second A simple slash is dealt, burning the victim with Cursed Fire.
Life Drain 1,000 Each slash takes away an enemy's life and gives it to the user.
Freeze Sweep 500 A Sweep is performed, freezing all nearby enemies.
Cursed Ice 200 per second A simple slash is made, freezing whoever is hit by it.
Lightning Sweep 500 A Sweep is performed, electrocuting all nearby enemies.
Cursed Thunder 200 A simple slash is made, electrocuting whoever is hit by it.

Current Owner

Christopher Crane is in possession of the blade. Since it's a childhood item, people who even ask for the blade are usually shot as a simple "no". He uses it very well, and it "chose" him, he claims. It has been used to murder many individuals, including Pearson Wright/Pearson Hristov, Carlos Clemente, and many more.


The sword currently has an attack of 271 (due to the attack of each sword, the rusty cutlass, Deepwater, Tyrant, and Barracuda, added up). When Hermit finds the Lost Sword of El Patron or the World Eater Blade and integrates one of them into the sword, its attack will rise greatly.
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