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The Hessian army is a force built up of around 90,000 soldiers. 12,000 of which are cavalry and 9,000 of which are artillery.


Infantry make up the bulk of the royal Hessian army totaling at about 69,00 men. Every man in the army has sworn an oath of loyalty to the country and to James. It takes one month training to produce a regular soldier and around 6 to produce a specialist soldier like, guards, sappers and Jaegers. When men join the army they agree to serve for 5 years and then they have to go through training again if they wish to stay on, they maximum age for a soldier to be in the armed forces is 60 years old.


Hessian cavalry add up to around 12,000 men and serve alongside the infantry during battles, the hessian cavalry is taught how to fight in hand to hand combat, mounted or dismounted. Dragoons are taught to shoot and ride at the same time, the majority of the men in the cavalry are aged 30–40 but the maximum age for being in the cavalry is 50 then you are to retire. 
L 6081 Prussian Light cavalry


The Hessian artillery make up 9,000. The average gunner serves for 3 years and also swears the same oath as the infantry, to King and Country. The artillery is expected to lay down a barrage of fire as infantry and cavalry advance. Although it play an important part on the battle field the Hesssian artillery is often neglected. 
P Arty

This is a model of what an artillery gun and crew look like.

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