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A model of an officer of the secret police kept on James'desk.

The secret police also known as the wardens are a security service serving in Hesse-Kassel. They operate during the night when its 10 they roam the streets of the cities and make sure all in in there houses. If anyone breaks the law whilst they are operating they have the power to execute them on the site, without a trial.


The Secret Police also help to run cities by making lists of a range of things such as which ships dock, their cargo, how many residents per house, how many people have traded in the cities. All lists go to a headquarters where they are stored in a compartment with the cities name and who is in charge of the wardens they are.

Military Involvement

The wardens have a certain degree of military rank and are allowed to control how certain aspects of the military are run, for example they help in the training of the armed forces and also help with management of prisoners. 


From lowest to highest;

Sheriff :This is the lowest rank in the Secret Police and often patrol with lieutenants in groups of 10.

Lieutenant : This rank leads a group of 10 men and is often responsible for deciding on the punishment of prisoners and criminals.

Captain : This man leads groups of 50 men under them are five lieutenants.

Government Officer : This man leads 5 captains and often has control over management of a city.


In order to be accepted into the ranks of the secret police men must be between the age of 25-35 and have served previously in the Army or Navy. They must be above average height and swear an oath of loyalty to King James.