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Flag of Hesse-Kasel

thumb|300px|right|Hessians march to battlethumb|300px|right|Soldiers of the Hessian Jagers sings a song in good spiritsthumb|right|300px|Hessian Jagers sing a German version of O' Christmas Tree!

Hessian battle flag

Some of the Hessians.

Hessian Jagers is a guild commanded by Francis Bluehawk. They are German mercenaries hired from Hesse-Kassel by Fredrick the 2nd. Hessians are not knowns by many , but they were in the american revolution they were hired by the British as mercenary soldiers. Francis has sworn allegiance to John Breasly, for he is in charge of the British. Hessians were known to be very skilled soldiers in the war. In game we offer our services to other guilds for annual prices based on soldiers and time.

1 week service: 10,000 gold

2 week service: 20,000 gold

3 week service: 30,000 gold

4 week service: 40,000 gold

After one month of service prices go up by 10,000 gold, and stays that way.

All Hessian Jagers are masters of musketry, most of them served in Francis Brigade. Most of the Hessians were former Grenadier guards and know hand grenade drills which can be very useful in a pvp.

Payments: All payments must be made via poker table, you must pay us first for our services to begin. Sometime i may ask you to pay another soldier instead of myself.

Uniforms: All Hessians of Hesse-Kassel must wear proper fitted uniforms. All Hessians of Hesse-Kassel have the choice to wear a tourist long coat with their admiral hat or may wear a forest long coat with admiral hat, they may also ONLY wear a tri-corner hat with the green coat and cannot be worn with a blue coat.

Notable Members :

  1. Francis Bluehawk - veteran
  2. Greencloths - Navy Lieutenant and head of Spy Control.
  • George.
  • NOTE: This guild is not in service anymore.

Featured in Pirates online news! Feats of Strength: Weekend #2 Wrap-Up'January 31, 2011'Another great event comes to a close. Pirates flexed their brawn as well as their brains to compete with each other in speed, skill and puzzle solving. Win or lose, one thing is for certain - you are all adventurers worthy of the name Pirate!

Thanks to everyone for participating and for those great friends who joined to cheer on their mates. A special mention goes to the Hessian Jagers who saluted the GMs and competitors with a bayonet salute while dressed in their finest solider uniforms. Cheers mates!

Also, the Marceline Guild would like to congratulate the following Guilds for notching multiple first place performances from their guild members: The Guardians, IceRage, McRaging, Partners N Crime, C & C Skel. Army, Gawain Warriors, INFERNO, Dark Archive and Crew of Jack Davi to name a few.