High Tide Fishing Company is operated by pirates and others who need some extra gold, possibly between plundering trips. All of the fish caught by the company are sold daily at the Tortuga Market on Abassa. As the only pirate-owned fishing company in the Caribbean, there is always a high demand for our goods. Anyone who wants to work for our company must fill out the below application in comments, following the example. We look forward to working with you!


  • Every employee that meets the requirements will receive 200 Gold per week + 5 Gold per fish caught.

Note- All employees must spend at least twenty minutes per week fishing off of a dock or off of the company ship to earn their pay.

Application Example


Island + Location of Residence:

Previous Fishing Experience:

Fishing Level:

Group (EITC, Pirate, Spanish, Etc.):

Times Available for Work:

Reason for Wanting Employment:

Signature: X______________

Employees of High Tide Fishing Co.

  1. Bobby Moon
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